Satisfy Your Hunger

Our Story

At Buckley Farms™, we take pride in providing big taste for the centerpiece of your meals. We satisfy your hunger with items from whole turkeys, to deli meats and chicken wings. Find Buckley Farms™ in your local grocer’s refrigerated meat department, and enjoy the feast!

Buckley Farms Products

Beef and Pork

Corned Beef

Corned Beef

Tender and tasty, available in flat, eye round, and point cuts

Beef Patties

1/4lb, 100% pure beef ready for the grill


A breakfast favorite, in thick cut or regular sliced

Italian & Home Style Meatballs

Fully oven baked and microwaveable, in delicious sauce

Bone-In Ham

Hickory smoked and fully cooked

Coming soon: Deluxe Spiral Sliced Hams in delicious glazed flavors

Deli Lunch Meat Tubs

Deli thin slices of honey ham, roast beef, or smoked ham

Baby Back Ribs

Fully cooked and smothered in sauce, easy to heat and serve



Whole Turkeys

Pop up timer included for the USDA Grade A feast

Boneless Skinless Chicken

Individually frozen, a versatile choice

Grilled Chicken Strips

Tasty and easy, our fully cooked strips also in oven roasted and southwestern flavors

Chicken Nuggets and Wings

Feed the family with fully cooked/microwaveable patties, nuggets, popcorn, or crispy strips; wings available glazed bone-in or crispy boneless in classic buffalo sauce

Deli Lunch Meat Tubs

Deli thin slices of rotisserie chicken, and oven or honey roasted turkey

Classic Favorites

Corned Beef

Italian Sausage

Tasty on its own or ground in lasagna


Regular or beer, these take the tailgate party up a notch


From mini to regular sizes, these are always a crowd pleaser

Pancake and sausage on a stick

Starts the morning out right

Bologna and Salami

Classics to fill you up at lunch


Shredded to tartly top off the meal